Friday, June 19, 2009

I hate the mall!!!!

Today was the first time ive been to the mall in ages...I mean 3 or more years...Im not a mall person....when I was a teenager I LOVED the mall...ya know, boy watching and its just too crowded, noisey and way to expensive... Sara and I were there about 2 hours...I let her play in the kids area for about an hour...she had alot of fun...I love watching her play and she just loves other children...shes going to be so good in school...

Went to "The Childrens Place" because according to their online store they are having a sale...well they were but still spent nearly 100.00 and hardly have anything. So we will probably have to spend at least another 100.00 or so to have some half way decent clothes for school when it starts.

Then just HAD to get a pretzel with cheese...makes me feel like a little kid, my grandma and grandpa always got use one when we were kids and went to the mall.

Anyway the "ol man" just walked in the door, so Ill go for now.

Pic is a few months old...but one of my faves!!!