Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life in interesting

School is in for the youngin...she LOVES it and im getting used to being home all day alone which im really loving...shes just stayed home for two days being sick and couldnt wait to get her back lol...shes much better now tho...still losing the same 20 lbs doing whatever kind of diet i can think of...its getting digusting. Have been feeling really weirdish sick for the last few days off and on, dunno what it is, gonna have my INR checked tomorrow and might ask the nurse what it could be...Sis in law and brother are having a war with Satan...not a good one in any way...prayers going out to them all the time...its just freakin nuts!!!! Husband making me crazy with his overuse of pc gaming, but hey what can i is interesting.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Full of Fail

No one reads this so i dunno why ive even typing this really thinking about just giving up trying to lose weight...TW I cant do for more than a day or doesnt matter what type of diet it is I just cant change...ive been trying for years and years and I simply fail at should I give up? yeah

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jason (Roberts oldest son) and Robert and grandson Alexander

Okay not a video

That was "supposed" to have been a video of Sara but I dunno how to post it...anyway heres some pics of the family...Robert (husband) Jason, Roberts oldest son, this children Dax and Bailey and our daughter Sara

video of Sara watching herself lol

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Christian Rap

Just some great songs by Tobymac who is a Christian Rapper kinda guy lol

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random Pics

Im just the cutest kid ever!!!!

In The Jungle....The mighty Jungle

Bubbles Bubbles

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Cheesy Face Sara shuckin corn

Andrews Been gone 5 years now.

Monday, June 22nd will be the 5th Anniversary of Andrews death. Getting a bit stressed emotionally but will make it...always do...after that I have 10 days till his Angel Day (July 2nd) which is the day he was delivered. I really dont like this time of year...

Friday, June 19, 2009

I hate the mall!!!!

Today was the first time ive been to the mall in ages...I mean 3 or more years...Im not a mall person....when I was a teenager I LOVED the mall...ya know, boy watching and its just too crowded, noisey and way to expensive... Sara and I were there about 2 hours...I let her play in the kids area for about an hour...she had alot of fun...I love watching her play and she just loves other children...shes going to be so good in school...

Went to "The Childrens Place" because according to their online store they are having a sale...well they were but still spent nearly 100.00 and hardly have anything. So we will probably have to spend at least another 100.00 or so to have some half way decent clothes for school when it starts.

Then just HAD to get a pretzel with cheese...makes me feel like a little kid, my grandma and grandpa always got use one when we were kids and went to the mall.

Anyway the "ol man" just walked in the door, so Ill go for now.

Pic is a few months old...but one of my faves!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here we go again.

No, nothing seems to be easy for me...yeah i know i could have it soooooooooooooo much worse but at times I enjoy im gonna whine right now...

First of all...the kido is getting sooooooooo big....a friend gave me a bunch of clothes for her that her girls have outgrown...they were "supposed" to have fit her throughout the summer...yeah....NO....everything I put on her is too tight now!!!!! Yeah....shes too big for even 6x unless its a VERY big the time she starts Pre-K4 she will need 7/8. 56 pounder she is!!!!

Okay now for the whiny part...I blogged here last Sept about my gallbladder and needing to go to Little Rock to get it taken out...Well I never did...Thank Goodness I never had an attack...but anyway its been bothering me more and more for the last few I told my doc, he sent me to L.R. (15th) and I talked to a surgern. She said shed do it only with an Oncologists approval, being that I would have to be taken off my blood thinner before I have it done and since ive had a stroke and the blood clotting disorder ect ect...anyway so I see him next Tue (23rd) okay anyway so she said that I most likely would have to have the "open" surgery and not the lap one...which stinks because ill have like a 6-8 inch scar PLUS more pain and suffering...yes suffering...i am not into pain, I am a weiner...okay so to make a long story short...I reckon ill be having the surgery sometime in July...probably on my birthday being that for the last 3 years ive been in the hospital for something or other on my birthday.

Okay NOW im done whining....unless I can think of something else to whine about....God Bless anyone who reads this and take care!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh My Goodness its been FOREVER!!!!

It has been months and months since my last post...Im not even going to try to catch up on whats been going have pages of stuff here lol...

Will really try to do better...I will...I will lol...