Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here we go again.

No, nothing seems to be easy for me...yeah i know i could have it soooooooooooooo much worse but at times I enjoy im gonna whine right now...

First of all...the kido is getting sooooooooo big....a friend gave me a bunch of clothes for her that her girls have outgrown...they were "supposed" to have fit her throughout the summer...yeah....NO....everything I put on her is too tight now!!!!! Yeah....shes too big for even 6x unless its a VERY big the time she starts Pre-K4 she will need 7/8. 56 pounder she is!!!!

Okay now for the whiny part...I blogged here last Sept about my gallbladder and needing to go to Little Rock to get it taken out...Well I never did...Thank Goodness I never had an attack...but anyway its been bothering me more and more for the last few I told my doc, he sent me to L.R. (15th) and I talked to a surgern. She said shed do it only with an Oncologists approval, being that I would have to be taken off my blood thinner before I have it done and since ive had a stroke and the blood clotting disorder ect ect...anyway so I see him next Tue (23rd) okay anyway so she said that I most likely would have to have the "open" surgery and not the lap one...which stinks because ill have like a 6-8 inch scar PLUS more pain and suffering...yes suffering...i am not into pain, I am a weiner...okay so to make a long story short...I reckon ill be having the surgery sometime in July...probably on my birthday being that for the last 3 years ive been in the hospital for something or other on my birthday.

Okay NOW im done whining....unless I can think of something else to whine about....God Bless anyone who reads this and take care!!!