Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sharing Jesus

Today I didnt go to feelings on it have changed somewhat...I now know that I have God to talk to about my problems, his advice and help is so much more personal...dont you think? So I will be contacting my PCP and letting her know that I dont need to go anymore. Yes my "issues" will always pop up from time to time but things have just changed....I dont know how to explain it any better...

My friend Chuck called today...hes always such a "up" person...I really enjoy talking to we talked about life in general and then we started talking about the Lord...hes a Christian and has in the past prayed for me for certain things Ive needed prayer on and just prays for me everyday...WHICH I am touched by...we share alot of beliefs about God....I enjoyed sharing Jesus with him today...I wish I could talk to Robert about God without having him go "way off base" which he almost always does...I love him so much and pray that the Spirit touches him and softens some of his "hardness" I said in a post on a forum the other day...Im NOT going to Heaven as a single gal!!!

Yesterday I had a chance to talk to my mother about me rededicating my life to the Lord and we talked for quite awhile about it and things and what we believe etc....I pray for her and her husband that they break free from the "cult" that they/she believes so strongly in like I have and find the "REAL GOD" Who is the God that created this beautiful earth that we all live on and created all of us in a very special way....the God that I will see face to face when my life here is over....I dont know where it is in the Bible, im still very new at learning...but I know somewhere it reads "Satan can come as an Angel of Light" or something like that....and he feeds us HIS lies and when we are weak and looking for answers....THATS when look for something that makes us feel good....and false Gods can look VERY real to us...I pray that thier eyes open up to the truth!!!